Spring 2015 Ewits Session Concludes, Winners Announced

Winning ewits team photo

Photo Credit: Business in the Heart of Florida

Congratulations to the winners – and to all participants – of the fourth cohort of Empowering Women in Technology Startups (ewits). The 50 women who completed the program at the April 16 investor pitch brought the total number of women empowered since the program’s inception to 200.

On Thursday, the winning team took home iPads. They were:

  • First place: Team CoAptech, mentored by Susan Baumgartner, commercializing a technology for more effective nerve repair without sutures. Team members included Amber Allen, Gwendolyn Daniels, Ashley Dean, Maria Guijarro, Priyanka Ingle, Stephanie Lengemann and Sally Wynn.
  • Second place: Team Soteria Analytics, mentored by Kelly Markey, commercializing a portable chemical sensor that detects breast cancer in exhaled breath. Team members included Anne Banks, Ingrid Erickson, Cheri Knecht, Roberta Pileggi, Jean Tokarz, Heather Winnie, and Suzanne Wynn.
  • Third place: Wagener Industries, mentored by Penelope Jones, commercializing “Real Green,” a chemical for producing polyesters and polyamides from recycled materials. Team members included Amy Jo Coffey, Judit Cserny, Desiree Farnum, Charlotte Germain-Aubrey, Stacie Greco, Xin (Cindy) Qi and Hui Zhu (Annmarie).