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No man prefers to sleep two in a bed. In fact, you would a good deal rather not sleep with your own brother. I don’t know how it is, but people like to be private when they are sleeping. And when it comes to sleeping with an unknown stranger, in a strange inn, in a strange town, and that stranger a harpooneer, then your objections indefinitely multiply.

Nor was there any earthly reason why I as a sailor should sleep two in a bed, more than anybody else; for sailors no more sleep two in a bed at sea, than bachelor Kings do ashore. To be sure they all sleep together in one apartment, but you have your own hammock, and cover yourself with your own blanket, and sleep in your own skin.


For with the charts of all four oceans before him, Ahab was threading a maze of currents and eddies, with a view to the more certain accomplishment of that monomaniac thought of his soul.


The more I pondered over this harpooneer, the more I abominated the thought of sleeping with him. It was fair to presume that being a harpooneer, his linen or woollen, as the case might be, would not be of the tidiest.

  • Bright and full of life year-round, Superhost Ryan’s rustic-chic chalet isn’t your typical holiday cabin. But it’s hardly been a typical year. Explore nearby Wiessner Woods or just hang out around the fire. If everyone heads for the door when you pick up the guitar, try not to be offended—what better place to celebrate than a hot tub under the stars or snowflakes?

Photo: @om_home_residences
  • Glow worms = nature's Christmas lights. These festive little friends will be some of your closest neighbors as you live your best off-the-grid life at this eco-escape. Be sure to end every night with soaks in the outdoor tub underneath the stars to feel complete illumination. 

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  • It's a vibe: a cozy cabin, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by beautiful nature. In Superhost's Kati's treehouse, you can spend the day making a holiday meal and then roast marshmallows over the outdoor fire pit before retreating onto the couch to binge-watch that show and scroll Instagram (are you doing that right now? Meta). 

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  • Feel like entering a different world for the holidays? You might not even have to leave town. A winding path through Japanese maples takes you to Superhost Danielle’s handcrafted house near White Rock Lake. When it’s time to gather around the table, you can put together an unconventional feast from a UN of nearby delivery options, from Tex-Mex to Lao. 

Photo: @thedallastreehouse
  • An hour outside of Bogotá, there's a villa where you can make migas de arepa for your crew by morning (with fresh eggs from the chickens in the front yard) and chase waterfalls together along the Magdalena River in the afternoon. Be sure to stop by the local markets on your way in to stock up on roasted meats, fresh fruits for juices, and holiday street foods (buñuelos is a fave). 

Discover new ways to get together this holiday season. Link in bio.
  • No one knows why, but conversations on porch swings count double. Superhost Galen’s spacious cabin has lots of places to relax and reconnect over the holidays, including two fireplaces and a lakeside fire pit. Just as importantly, it also has a giant “camp” room with bunk beds, games, and toys. Loving your family doesn’t mean you won’t crush them at air hockey.

Photo: @treetoplakehouse
  • Cabin in the mountains, but make it tropical. This solar-powered, eco design cabin sits above the cloud-shrouded hills of the Brazilian countryside. By day, there’s quiet mornings filled with birdsong and homegrown fresh fruit from Superhost Ken and Thierry. By night, there’s the warmth of a crackling fire or good wine down at the fazenda. It’s so remote, guests recommend an SUV to get up the hill (note, no one’s concerned about how to get down). 

Discover new ways to get together this holiday season. Link in bio.
  • "You can't learn to roll dough by hand in school. Only from grandmas," says Online Experience host, Nonna Nerina. (That’s grandma, in Italian). Join her and five of her friends as they share their lifelong recipes from their virtual kitchens and learn how to make handmade gnocchi, lasagne, or fettuccine from scratch. It’s like snapping your fingers and being transported to a remote Roman village with your adopted Italian grandma. Link in bio.
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